About us:

Architectural Studio Vertikali ltd. was established in 2007 on the basis of 15 years of design experience of architect Tsvetan Simeonov and the architectural and interior design practice of STUDIO MIARA and ARCHITECTURAL ATELIER SIMEONOV. The quality of the architectural and interior design works has been acknowledged by number of rewards and diplomas by professional committees of national competitions and exhibitions.

 Vertikali - architects are experienced in applying modern software CAD systems and developing of local network of working stations. The 3D computer models are especially useful for the precise solution of different design problems as well as best presentation of the designer's idea, giving the possibility to the client to see, understand and comment the details at any time.

 Vertikali - architects is a successor of the main activity of the companies Studio MIARA and Architectural Atelier Simeonov. In addition to that there has been a new management structure developed for complete interior design solutions.

The architects have a good experience in mastering public spaces and complete solutions for the home and office.


arhitect Tsvetan Simeonov

birth date: 11.04.1963г.


Master in "Architecture", Higher Institute of Architecture and Construction, Sofia, 1991.

architectural design experience:

2005г. до настоящия момент - управител на архитектурно студио „Вертикали”ЕООД

2004г. - управител на фирма „Архитектурно ателие - Симеонов”

1993 г. - ЕТ „Студио МЯРА - Ц. Симеонов” и “Сигма 96”ООД - архитект, проектант

1991 г. - 01.08.1993 г. - “Проектантска организация- Бургас”-архитект, проектант



architect Ivaylo Simeonov

bith date: 06.06.1986г.


Master in "Architecture" specialization - "Architecture of buildings and complexes",New Bulgarian University, Sofia, 2012.

architectiural design experience:

2012г. - архитект в архитектурно студио “Вертикали”

2010-2012г. - Чертожник в архитектурно ателие “DesignD”, гр. София

2005-2010 г. - изготвяне 3D Визуалиции и интериорни проекти на свободна практика