2014  Second Prize - a competition for building - "Burgas Art Gallery" - Burgas

2012  Honorary Diploma for the "Residential buildings in Pomorie" exhibition ArhiMoriya'12 - Burgas

2011  Honorary Diploma for the "Residential building in the city. Chernomorets" exhibition ArhiMoriya'11 - Burgas

2011  Honorary Diploma for "Interior Exhibition Pavilion Kronospan - Bulgaria" exhibition ArhiMoriya'11 - Burgas

2009  Honorary Diploma for the "Residential building in Sozopol" exhibition ArhiMoriya'09 - Burgas

2009  Honorary Diploma for "Interior of exhibition pavilions Kronospan - Bulgaria" exhibition ArhiMoriya'09 - Burgas

2009  Incentive Award (with no first and second awards) in the contest "Genelal urban solution and conception for bridge and bridgehead space"  in Seaside Park - Burgas

2007  Honorary Diploma for the "villas in  Lahana area – Pomorie and Budjaka area - Sozopol" competition ArhiMoriya'07 - Burgas

2007  Honorary Diploma for the "Pavilions of Kronospan - Bulgaria" exhibition ArhiMoriya'07- Burgas

2007  Second prize for the architectural project of "Polygraphic house DARS - Burgas" in the Fourth Annual National Competition for conceptual design ARCHIDEA- "category "Industrial buildings".

2004  First prize  in Internet architectural competition for conceptual design "architecture of the new millennium" / ARCHIDEA - 2004, category "Industrial building for the architectural design "Service Center and Showroom Mercedes - Benz - Burgas"

2004  Award for the architectural design of "Service Center and Showroom Mercedes- Benz- Burgas" in National Review of Bulgarian architecture 2001 - 2004, organized by UAB.

2003  First place in the architectural competition organized by UAB and Tsarevo municipality for architectural design projects of hotel in Kiten village.