Architectural design of residential building in Bourgas, c/x Izgrev

  • Designer:
    architect Ts. Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Realized project

  • Location:
    Burgas, Bulgaria

  • Default parameters:
    Total building area – 4438 кв.м


Situational decision approaches:


Allotted for development area is 869m2 and is bordered to the west and south with other land and serving the streets of the north and east. The building is situated turbot from the south and west, the main approach to the building is from the east. 

Plans by levels:


-the elevation -2.60 are: basements and parking for 10 cars


-the elevation 0,00 are: offices, a bistro and agropharmacy


-the Levels + 3.38 + 6.16 + 8.94 + 11.72 are: 1 bedroom, 4-bedroom apartments, 4 two-bedroom apartments and 1 studio


-the elevation 14.50 are: 2-bedroom and seven two-bedroom apartments


Technical and economic indicators:


Build Area - 689m2

Total Building Area - 4438m2 

Materials for surface treatment and shaping of facades: 


Colored mineral plaster, PVC windows, metal railings, onduline.

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