Architectural project for a residential building; Cherno More, Nessebar

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Realized project

  • Location:
    Cherno More, Nessebar

  • Default parameters:
    Total Build Area – 745м2 / Build Area – 150м2

Situational decision approaches:
Allotted for development 362m² plot is bordered to the east and south with other properties and is serving streets from west and north. Build is divided into three equal building occupies. In architectural design is sought modern architectural image of the building. 
Architectural plans:
-the elevation 0,00 are: storage
-the elevation + 2.80 + 5.60 are: 3 bedroom apartments, 1 studio
-the elevation are 8.40: 1 bedroom apartment, one bedroom apartment and 1 studio
-the elevation 11.20 are: warehouses
Materials for surface treatment and shaping of facades design:
Mineral plaster, PVC joinery colored natural wood, glass railings with wooden handle.
The entire architectural design of the multifamily building has been completed in phase - detailed design of Architectural Studio "Vertikali" Ltd., under the leadership of architect Tsvetan Simeonov.
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