Architectural project of a residential building for seasonal use

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov
    architect Ivaylo Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Realized project

  • Location:
    Ravda, Nessebar

  • Default parameters:
    Total Build Area – 1265м²

Project description:

Allotted for development 4245,64m² property is bordered to the south with the other estates and from the west, east and north to the streets. In property 61056.82.6, m. "Catal Tepe" - land. Ravda village Nessebar there are two residential groups and the building of the restaurant, which deals with this architectural project. The plan is for reconstruction, upgrade and extension of the single-body of the restaurant in a holiday multifamily building. Existing one-storey building was completely rebuilt as a function and architectural image. Newly built five-storey residential building is attached to the first two floors to the existing building. The distance to the side regulation is 5 m + 2 m due to the large total length of the building. The street is adhering to PUP distance.

Materials for surface treatment and shaping of facades:

Mineral plaster, PVC windows, metal railings, onduline.

Architectural project was prepared by architectural studio "Vertikali" Ltd., under the direction of architect Tsvetan Simeonov

Architectural visualization and photomontage - architect Ivaylo Simeonov




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