Architectural project of a Residential buildings; Pomorie

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Technical project

  • Location:

  • Default parameters:
    Total Building Area –374,63м2

Project description:

Situational decision approaches:
Allotted for development 765,56m² property is bordered to the north and south with the other
estates and from east and west by streets. Street servicing is from the west.
Architectural plans:
elevation of 0.00: 2 bedroom apartments.
elevation of +2.90: 2-bedroom apartments.
elevation  +5.70: attics
Materials for surface treatment and shaping of facades:
Mineral plaster, PVC windows, glass railings, onduline.
The entire project part - Architecture, phase - technical project was prepared by the Architectural
Studio "Verticali" Ltd., under the leadership of architect Tsvetan Simeonov
Architectural Visualization - Ivaylo Simeonov architect
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