Conceptual architectural design of a residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Designer:
    architect T. Simeonov
    architect E. Oparlakova

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    conceptual project

  • Location:
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Default parameters:
    Build area = 413.34 м2
    Total Build Area = 4126.65 м2


 The project was co-authored with arch. Elena Operakova from Tectonie Architecture Studio Sofia. The contracting authority is a Spanish company that organized the selection of a contractor in the form of a competition - with the development of a preliminary design.

The property is 798 m² in order to be built and bordered on the east, west and north by other properties, and on the south by Slivnitsa Blvd - by the Vladayska River.
The project decision was discussed with the publication of elevation and absence, as approved by the Sofia Municipality PUP-IPRZ and RUP for Regulated Plots XI-449,450, square 25, GGZ Zone B 17, Serdika District, Sofia. The newly designed building is to the west with office buildings, and from the east - a building whose construction is proposed and meets the proposed urban specifics of the terrain and the ownership of the size of the project silhouette of the plot to the north.
At the request of the visitors, a larger percentage of the apartments in the building have a living area between 60-80 m2. A total of 35 separate sites / apartments and offices / are provided, with separate parking spaces and storage facilities located on the basement and ground floor for all of them.
The decision of the Territorial Development Act and Ordinance 4 has been complied with and is accessible on Monday, which is also a functional connection, which is clear and the house routes for people with security, for the needs of which there is a separate apartment and an accessible place in the parking lot to the entrance of the property.
The construction is a traditional monolithic reinforced concrete, with thermal insulation. The roof is combined - flat and sloping, covered with Al sheet with standing rebate, PVC coated in graphite.
Vertical communication in the store is provided with an elevator and a two-shoulder staircase.
Materials used for surface treatment of the property and facade shaping are: plaster - gray; stone lining - granite; sheathing - HPL; PVC / Al windows - gray and etalbond - white. With the pulp of noise from the pouring of everyone on Slivnitsa Blvd., the terraces are glazed with a sliding, folding system - "harmonica" type. The ultra-thin design will see Al horizontal profiles, which can appear on Monday to "flow" inside the room in the only natural way.
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