Residential buildings; Sinetudis, Sozopol

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Technical project

  • Location:
    Sinetudis, Sozopol

  • Default parameters:
    Total Build Area – 1904,25 м2

Situational decision approaches

The plot is serving street from the northeast. There are two villas in the plot. Because of the sloping, thebuilding is the fault of 1.40 meters. The basic approach is from the west.

Allocations levels - Building A:

-the elevation -1.40 -  nine cellars;

-the elevation 0,00; 1.40 - entrance of the building and three bedroom apartments(built area of 199,05m2);

-the elevation 2.80; 4.20 – 3 two-bedroom apartments (built area of 257,22m2);

-the elevation +5.60, + 7,00 – 3 two-bedroom  apartaments(built area of 247,98m2);

-the elevation 8.40; 9.80 - attics and roof terraces.

Allocations levels - Building B:

-the elevation -2.80 - eighteen cellars;

-the elevation 0,00; -1.40 - entrance of the building, 1 one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom apartments (built area of 328,05m2);

-the elevation 1.40; 2.80 - 1one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom and 1 tree-bedroom apartments(built area of 405,06m2);

-the elevation 4.20; 5.60 – 1 one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom apartments(built area of 401,50m2);

-the level + 7.00; 8.40 - two studios, 2 one-bedroom and one room with bathroom (built area of 259,31m2).

Materials for surface treatment and shaping of facades:

Colored plasters, PVC windows, glass railings, onduline. Construction - monolithic, reinforced concrete, substructure with insulation provided.

The building is designed in accordance with the applicable normative documents and provides the necessary conditions of safety and hygiene and occupation. It should  be equipped with necessary under Ordinance №2 mobile fire-fighting equipment. The realization of the site does not imply non-statutory environmental pollution or noise.

The entire architectural design of the buildings is drawn in phase - technical design of Architectural Studio "Vertikali" Ltd., under the leadership of architect Tsvetan Simeonov

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