Interior and exterior design company shop with tasting room of "Vinprom Black Sea gold"

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov
    architect Ivaylo Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    conceptual Project

  • Location:
    Pomorie, Bulgaria

  • Default parameters:
    245 sq.m.


 Until now the company store for wine and alcohol was in a single story hut opposite the factory gates. With this project for reconstruction carve shop on the ground floor of the administrative building, to which were developed more area for tasting and presentation with common lobby with the shopping area and warehouse to store developed a comprehensive interior design of all spaces. 

 The project provides for the entry and loading of the complex, rising from the adjoining street, and therefore there are lots of stairs and entrance charge, canopy and platform accessible environment. Most are open (dilated) existing windows in case showcases the lobby and the shopping area.

  "Vinprom Black Sea gold Pomorie '' is emblematic producer of wine and alcohol, and this necessitates the search for a proper image of the object.


Imposed benchmarks for search overall sound of the interior are:

- The name "Black Sea Gold" associated with undulating sinusoidal curve derived from the circle.

- Logo - sailboat in direct association with wood paneling and round holes.

- Barrel as part of the manufacturing process and storage of the wine is directly involved with its elements: rainbows to build a decorative wall in the lobby goals snippets shaping sitting and table in the lobby and betting barrel, bulging curve morphology of all the furniture in shopping area.

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