Design for a exhibition pavilion for "Kronospan" Technomebel 2006

  • Designer:
    architect Tsvetan Simeonov

  • Year:

  • Phase:
    Realized project

  • Location:

  • Default parameters:
    Area 120 кв.м


Kronospan Bulgaria is part of an international company, a world leader in the production of wood-based materials and a host of related products for construction and furniture and is well known to anyone who has to do with interior design - designer or artist.

For its attractive and successful performance company Kronospan Bulgaria has relied on our professional support for the design of memorable stands unfolded in the fullness and richness of the product range. Verticals Design Center develops projects of exhibition pavilions from 2006 to 2010, each of them has won a diploma from Burgas annual exhibition of architectural projects "ARHIMORIYA" organized by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria - Burgas company, and the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria - Burgas Regional College.


Annually company Kronospan Bulgaria presents its capabilities in the Expo exhibition "Technomebel" in Sofia. The pavilion has been individually designed and each year different. Usually developed on an area of ​​120 sq.m. Every year place in the exhibition hall is changing and therefore volume - spatial construction of the pavilion is individually tailored to the main flow, approaches and neighboring stands. Exhibition spaces are open as maximum spatial resolution and maximum free running lines.

The construction is not uniform and is in accordance with the specific volume - spatial structure.


When developing projects we follow these basic functional circuit in the arrangement:

Zone "Information" - always looking at the beginning of the visitors 'flow' and plastic accent (usually vertical) in structuring the volumes.

Zone "Exhibits" - Divided into two parts, the first covers the complete product catalogs, and the second - focusing on new technologies and scenery.

Area "Relax" - Styled with places for meetings, rest and talk, and always in combination with a bar.

Beyond the limit of any frameworks and principles, we are approaching each project with a creative impulse, aesthetics and pragmatism. Once we gambled contrast, bordering on impossible combination with the severity of perfectly prepared surface. In another project we recreated ultramodern contours, shifts the boundaries and opening prospects. But we have always strived to perfect harmony, which we achieved with simple organic design and reinforced with contrast or back, to express the character of the current trends in design.

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