Urban Planning / Urbanism /
Project development of general and detailed urban plans as well as projects for their amendments. We also offer preliminary research of the possibility for development of a property.


Architectural Design
Elaboration of architectural projects: Residential - single family and multifamily, hotels and holiday complexes, public, commercial and industrial buildings.
The wide range of specialists that we work with, provides solutions for all parts of the project: architectural design, srtuctural, electrical, plumbing, Geodesy (landscaping and trace), Traffic, Fire Safety, and Urban Park development,  draft waste Management. Project can be developed for different stages: conceptual, technical or working


Interior and furniture design:
We offer:

  • interior design
  • furniture design
  • supervision, analysis and consultation
  • enforcement proceedings for shops, restaurants, homes, offices, exhibition stands and, etc.

Vertikali Design Center will give you a complete solution for the design and furnishing  of your home.
To make it easier for our customers, we tried to cover everything that is connected with an interior design to its implementation. Starting with the idea, fulfilling the detailed design we can also supervise and manage the repair and finishing, the manufacture of furniture, give consultation and coordinate the delivery and mounting. Of course you can have your masters, suppliers or furniture - companies you work with. In this case, we are ready to work with them.  Receiving the business project you will have all the necessary drawings, so you can get quotes from other places for furniture and repairs. If you need our supervision, we will cooperate with the companies that you have chosen as  subcontractors.


Interior design
The interior design is divided to three main parts. Each can be ordered separately, but to in order to get the closest  possible result, we recommend that you use the entire package of 3 subparts.

  1. 1. Conceptual project;
  2. 2. Detailed design;
  3. 3. Supervision;


Preparation of interior project
1. First stage:

  • Visit of the site to view and take mesures.

2. Second stage - preparation of the project:

  • layout of the premises and functional zoning of furniture;
  • proposal for the style for the different premises;
  • proposal for types and kinds of furniture;
  • proposal for types and lighting;
  • proposal for types of flooring;
  • proposal for color and decorative patterns on walls and ceilings;
  •  3D visualization of all rooms.

3. Third stage:

  • meeting with the designer to discuss his proposed options;


Preparation of detailed design
Once we have prepared the conceptual project, we can continue to work together to prepare the working one. It includes the design and delivery of all technical documentation:

  • Plan of the premises and distribution of furniture;
  • Plan of pavements;
  • Plan of ceilings together with drawings of specific details of theirs;
  • plan the lighting;
  • Plan for water and electricity;
  • furniture drawings showing the dimensions;
  • 3D visualization of the final draft;
  • sizes of flooring, walls, ceilings;
  • specification of the details that will be purchased readymade;
  • Offers for furniture, wallpaper, plaster, flooring, etc.


If you want the final result to correspond to the maximum to the  project, you will be required our supervision. There we track whether the project is implemented in the right way and can do small change in case of need to reach an optimal solution. We shall check the colors, comply with the inventory and select just the right shades. We shall advise the masters.


Additional Services:

  • Repair and finishing works;
  • advice on the selection of paints and coverings;
  • advice on the selection of el. Equipment.


Repair and finishing works:
If you wish, we can provide teams for renovation and finishing. After preparation of the detailed design, we will quantify the project and give you a bid for the construction work.
Consultations on the choice of paint and flooring:
There is a large choice of materials on the market and man is often difficult to choose the right ones. If you do not wish to make these endless trips to the shops and want to save time and money, we will advise you.
Consultations on the choice of appliances:
Vertikali Design Center works with almost all brands of appliances on the Bulgarian market. We can choose together the right one for your devices having in mind the price category and  functional requirements.

We work with many partners to implement the interior design of our customers discounts.