Mood Wood Stools

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    архитектор Цв. Симеонов

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The MOOD WOOD Project

The idea for creating products out of wood, keeping the wholeness of the stalk (troupe) is very attractive from aesthetical point of view, but at the same time meets certain technological problems... The products crack. 

The main purpose of this project is to solve such problems creating products with stability in time, i.e. crack resistible, lightweight, with low humidity and good technological productivity. 

There is a group of three prototypes presented:

- The Woody O

- The Woody Z

- The Woody M

Each of them - with dimensions 40x43cm and options for two more variants with dimensions: 35x38cm and 30x35cm.
The articles are produced from whole logs with minimum interference in their speciation.

Technological operations:
1. Rounding the troupe (stalk);
2. Cuts :
- two transversal for calibration of the gauge (to determine the height);
- three longitudinal (one of which along the core of the log) in order to discharge the internal tensions. Along them, the assembling of the whole is accomplished later on; - some auxiliary for lightening the weight (especially for the cylinder) and figuration of the products;
3. Drying of the details reaching up to 10 % of humidity;
4. Flattening of the deformations, that have appeared during the drying process on the surfaces responsible for the final assembling;
5. Grinding of all surfaces of the details, especially the ones that remain unreachable after the assembling.
6. Assembling by gluing;
7. Fine grinding and surface treatment without altering the natural color of the wood.

This technology has been checked by the designer in his small experimental workshop making different trials and prototypes within the last few years.

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