Трапезна маса от масив - "MOOD-WOOD table"

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    архитект Цветан Симеонов
    архитект Ивайло Симеонов

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    Работен проект

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Description of the project Mood Wood Table
The Tree as a plant is fundamental for our planet’s life. As a material it is the main tool for evolution of the civilization. Because of that it has become an aesthetic cult whose importance is getting even higher with the high tech development. The Tree affects our senses creating special mood for being close to nature. The design is a result of my Mood Wood idea to express the essential characteristics of the Tree by simple silhouette and clear structure.
Description: the main structure with dimensions 1600/800/740 mm is made of 0.075 m3 reforestation wood (walnut, oak, maple or cherry wood ect.) and consists of glued slats 20/60 mm carrying a glass top. The comparatively small size of the slats 20/60 mm will allow a sufficient economical use of the wood. Principally, the ware made of glued wood are resistant to deformations and cracks. The glass top with dimensions 1800/900/10 mm protects the wooden structure from scratches and there’s no need for the wood to have a surface hardness. All that allows the project to be fulfilled also with softwood such as the reforested coniferous species: white and black pine, fir, spruce and others.
The requirements to the wood are: specific humidity and accuracy of dimensions typical for the glued wood. The arrangement of the slats must be done so as to balance the radial tenses for avoiding any overall deformations. The angular connections, which are based on the sustainability of the table, are strong enough and do not impose any requirements to the strength of the wood.
Following the MOOD WOOD idea, the surface finish aims to maintain the natural color of the different tree species leaving the sense of a soft and gentle touch.
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